Mia M.

“I’d like to share a few words on my experience with Melanie. 
Firstly I would like to declare that I’m thankful to have crossed paths with her! 
Wellness Coaching was a new concept for me so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect but she has a kind, soft yet fierce presence that assists in putting one at ease while also encouraging accountability.   
Melanie was the first person ever in my life, to have mentioned the idea of energy & how vitally important it is…  She suggested crystal work so I went out immediately to begin learning what I could & pursue finding my place in this new world that had opened up for me.  Fully acknowledging all of the weight I was carrying from past experiences was one of the best gifts I’ve ever received.  
Moving forward with a commitment to proper breath work + meditation has even assisted in helping manage my chronic illness which has drastically assisted in a higher level quality of life. 

There’s no way to put into words, how meaningful this experience was nor the extent it truly resonated with me & changed my life…  I move forward now beginning my own Coaching practice, hoping to impact others to even a quarter of this extent..  I am humbled & forever grateful.  Thank you!! ” 

~ Mia