Wonderlyn’s Box of Enchantments (Monthly Subscription Box)


Box of Enchantments

Do you like crystals, essential oils, candles, herbs, natural body products, spiritual jewelry, aromatherapy, and like things??

Well this little box is for you! You’ll receive a small box of 5+ items every month complete with educational material (in order to use the products to their full intent).

The box has a stone of the month, a votive candle (or incense) of the month, an herb of the month (sample size), and an essential oil of the month (sample size). In addition to those four items, there is a treat in each box and one other mystery item, sometimes two.

This is BRAND NEW so I need a few volunteers to help me work out the kinks. If this is you, please send an email now to wonderlynwellness@gmail.com and add “Subscription Box” to the subject line!