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Wellness Coaching is a form of guided support that looks to balance and improve the person as a whole. It’s a combination of traditional lifestyle coaching, stress management counseling, spiritual guidance, and a touch of health and nutritional consulting.  It looks at health as a whole body approach considering both internal and external contributors.

As a Wellness Coach, I work with clients one on one to identify problem areas in their lives that may be causing stresses that are negatively impacting their lives. Let’s face it. When we are stressed, our health is the first casualty. If our job is stressful, our relationships suffer. If our health is a struggle, our spirituality may teeter. All stresses cause a ripple effect in multiple areas of our lives.

Together, we create steps to help minimize these stress factors and lay the foundation to a more fulfilling life. A journey like this is often difficult for a person to tackle on their own but with a Wellness Coach behind you, the support is there through every step of your transitional journey as we conquer your obstacles and celebrate your successes.

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“Melanie was such a supportive coach during a very difficult time in my life.  I was going through the early parts of my separation from an emotionally abusive marriage, a huge move as a result, and then immediately following the move I lost my father suddenly.  Melanie supported me during all of these trials.  Her advice and encouragement gave me confidence that I was going to be okay and that I still had the strength within me to get through it all.  She gave me little tips that were stepping stones to get through the murky waters and helped me organize my mind when things were chaotic and I couldn’t keep track of all the things I needed to do – her ideas and inspirations were so helpful and I value all of the tools she gave me!  In addition she was sensitive and flexible when things were unpredictable for me.  I enjoyed her sweetness and empathy as well.  I would highly recommend Melanie to anyone who is considering a wellness coach!”
-Lorianna P.


“Working with Coach Melanie Villafana is the most wonderful coaching experience ever. She not only is understanding and friendly, but also an alchemist in the area of wellness lifestyle. Before I met Coach Melanie, my life is a chaos. I suffer from frequent gout attack and my financial situation is a mess. These makes me stress physical and mentally, I wasn’t able to figure out what to do or where to start to begin control of my situation. After Coach Melanie finish listening to my story, she is able to provide practical solutions that I can start to work on. First is to work on my immediate and urgent problem that will directly impact my health, which is to work on gout problem. And then she taught me a time management analogy that is so easy yet effective that I am able to achieve all my goals and milestones exactly when I planned it. Now, even though I still suffer from gout attack, but it was less frequent and I know how to eat exactly to reduce my uric acid. As a bonus, I am able to reduce my smoking and drinking too. In terms of financial situation, Coach Melanie makes it so much easier for me to attract more clients and as a result, I have a waiting list now. I really appreciate all the help that Coach Melanie provide. I can’t make it so smoothly without her help. Thank you very much, Coach Melanie.”
-Sylvester T., Malaysia