About Me


Hi! My name is Melanie and welcome to Wonderlyn Wellness LLC. I’d like to share my story!

In 2008, I was in a car accident. It totaled my car and injured my back, shoulders, jaw, hip, wrists, and more. I spent months in physical therapy avoiding surgery only to find myself under the knife three times and on medication for the better part of 6 months. Two days before the final surgical undertaking in 2010, I was in a second accident. It damaged my car, reversed a previous surgery, and caused additional back injuries.

The following year we coined as the year of hell. Just 2-3 months apart, I lost my cousin to drugs, my aunt to a heart attack, my kid-sister to a motorcycle accident, my maternal grandmother to cancer, my paraplegic father to cancer, and my paternal grandmother to an aging broken heart.

Convinced things couldn’t get much worse, 2012 rang in and proved me wrong. I was demoted at my job and I lost my dog of almost 14 years. Thankfully I was able to quit my job on my own terms to pursue my hobby business in dog training full time. But after struggling with all the grief, I just couldn’t find it in me to care about people’s dog problems. I found myself taking a break which later led to the collapse of my business.

Unfortunately, you can’t take a break from your surroundings and those surroundings were unforgiving at times. Memories of accidents, eating out at restaurants with beloved family, and visits to the grandparents all brought unwanted visions of loss and final moments. So we made the decision to relocate to GA where the perfect house on the perfect land found us and I could make a fresh start.

Things were great for a bit until one day in 2013 my mom called and informed she had a brain tumor and would undergo surgery. The biopsy showed stage 4 metastasized lung cancer.  A month later, I drove down to help her. And 6 weeks later, my mom went suddenly into cardiac arrest and passed away.

While losing all this family, I also lost myself. Things that mattered no longer did.  In trying to collect myself and get things going again, I explored a number of new careers. But trying to find myself at the same time simply led to my plans and my career choices failing time and again.

And in all this family cancer and heart problems, I found myself fearing for what my future had in store for me. I was close to 230lbs by the time I grasped my wits about me. I had high cholesterol routinely and my knees screamed every time I used them. I had a sugar addiction, and emotional eating problem, and trouble exercising with such an injured body. I realized it was time for a change or I might just follow suit.

After successfully cutting out sugar, my weight also came down. Those moments of success lead to more moments of success as I kicked my emotional eating to the curb and this self-designed lifestyle approach led to me finding THIS new career.

I wanted a career that helped people but not in a medicinal way, to aid people in healing without the referral to a psychologist, to support and help people build themselves back  up after everything has crashed down around them. And that’s why I decided to become a holistic Wellness Coach. I want to help and support those struggling to pick up the pieces after a life-altering event redefine themselves and reclaim their confidence so they can look to the future feeling empowered and full of hope again!

Through my education and experience I also found Reiki. Reiki helped me significantly in healing from the loss and the emotional wounds I had carried for so many years. It cleared away a lot of negativity I had stored and helped me deal with the anger I didn’t even know I had. This is why I had to learn Reiki and help others the same way and make it part of my programs as well.

I look forward to the opportunity to help you as well! Please contact me and let’s get your life back together!